šìjūn m <G šijúna>
jak morski vjetar; oluja, vihor
mlet. siòn, tal. scione

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  • šìjūn — m 〈G šijúna〉 meteor. reg. jak morski vjetar; vihor, oluja ✧ {{001f}}mlet., tal …   Veliki rječnik hrvatskoga jezika

  • Wacom — This article is about the WACOM Electronics Producer. For the European Project WACOM, see WACOM (WAter COmpetences Model). Wacom Co., Ltd. Industry Computer input devices and software Founded July 12, 1983 …   Wikipedia

  • Zhao Ziyang — This is a Chinese name; the family name is Zhao (趙/赵). Zhao Ziyang 赵紫阳 Zhao Ziyang at Pearl Harbor during his visit to the United States in 1984 General Secretary of the Communist Party of China …   Wikipedia

  • Korean-Jurchen wars — Timeline of the Korean Jurchen wars = Under Goryeo period * In 984 Goryeo began to build a fortress on the banks of the Yalu river but were hindered by the Jurchen, who caused the work to be suspended.* 1010 : Ha Gong jin and Yu Chung attacked… …   Wikipedia

  • Speed painting — is an exercise, primarily digital, in which one paints on a time budget, using already developed methods to create a piece. Contrary to (somewhat) popular belief, Speed Painting is not the same as a time lapse video of a painting. Speed Painting… …   Wikipedia

  • Liu Yizhi — (劉禕之) (631 June 22, 687 [ [http://www.sinica.edu.tw/ftms bin/kiwi1/luso.sh?lstype=2 dyna=%AD%F0 king=%AAZ%A6Z reign=%AB%AB%AB%FD yy=3 ycanzi= mm=5 dd=7 dcanzi= 兩千年中西曆轉換 ] ] ), courtesy name Ximei (希美), was an official of the Chinese dynasty Tang… …   Wikipedia

  • Dam Street — Traditional 紅顏 Simplified 红颜 …   Wikipedia

  • Denkmäler der Provinz Shandong — Kulturdenkmal der Provinz Herzog von Zhou Tempel (Zhou gong miao) Beschluß vom 23. Dezember 1977 (Denkmalstafel vor einem Tempel in Qufu) Inhaltsverzeichnis …   Deutsch Wikipedia

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