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  • Bogacki — (plural Bogaccy) is the surname of Polish szlachta (aristocratic) family. History Bogacki is a Polish aristocratic family which originated from Bogate (Mazovian Duchy). Their family name derives from that place name. Bogate means in Polish rich …   Wikipedia

  • Bogacki–Shampine method — The Bogacki–Shampine method is a method for the numerical solution of ordinary differential equations, that was proposed by Przemyslaw Bogacki and Lawrence F. Shampine in 1989 harv|Bogacki|Shampine|1989. The Bogacki–Shampine method is a… …   Wikipedia

  • Slaughterhouse (band) — Infobox musical artist Name = Slaughterhouse Background = group or band Origin = Detroit, Michigan, United States Years active = 1983 1990 Genre = Industrial metal Noise rock Label = Depression Records Past members = Bob Madigan Mark Ramos (rocko …   Wikipedia

  • CORDIC — Trigonometry History Usage Functions Generalized Inverse functions Further reading …   Wikipedia

  • List of Runge–Kutta methods — Runge–Kutta methods are methods for the numerical solution of the ordinary differential equation:frac{d y}{d t} = f(t, y),which take the form:y {n+1} = y n + h sum {i=1}^s b i k i,:k i = fleft(t n + c i h, y n + h sum {j = 1}^s a {ij} k j… …   Wikipedia

  • Halina Lewicka — (* 1906; † 1983) war eine polnische Romanistin. Inhaltsverzeichnis 1 Leben und Werk 2 Werke 3 Literatur 4 Weblinks …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Runge–Kutta methods — In numerical analysis, the Runge–Kutta methods (pronounced IPA|/ˌʀuŋgeˈkuta/) are an important family of implicit and explicit iterative methods for the approximation of solutions of ordinary differential equations. These techniques were… …   Wikipedia

  • List of numerical analysis topics — This is a list of numerical analysis topics, by Wikipedia page. Contents 1 General 2 Error 3 Elementary and special functions 4 Numerical linear algebra …   Wikipedia

  • List of szlachta — The Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth was a federal monarchic republic comprising the Kingdom of Poland and Grand Duchy of Lithuania, from 1569 until 1795. It was governed by an elected monarch. The Commonwealth s dominant social class was the… …   Wikipedia

  • List of mathematics articles (B) — NOTOC B B spline B* algebra B* search algorithm B,C,K,W system BA model Ba space Babuška Lax Milgram theorem Baby Monster group Baby step giant step Babylonian mathematics Babylonian numerals Bach tensor Bach s algorithm Bachmann–Howard ordinal… …   Wikipedia

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