shot gun

shot gun (izg. šȍt gȁn) m
vojn. puška kratke glatke cijevi koja izbacuje velik broj kuglica ili dispergira metak kada napušta cijev, tip sačmarice

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  • shot·gun — /ˈʃɑːtˌgʌn/ noun, pl guns [count] 1 : a gun with a long barrel that shoots a large number of small metal balls (called buckshot) see also ↑sawed off shotgun 2 American football : an offensive formation in which the quarterback is a few yards… …   Useful english dictionary

  • shot|gun — …   Useful english dictionary

  • shot-gun — …   Useful english dictionary

  • Gun violence in the United States — is associated with the majority of homicides and over half the suicides.cite web |url= |title=Self inflicted Injury/Suicide |publisher=National Center for Health Statistics |accessdate=2006 11 06] cite… …   Wikipedia

  • Gun politics in the United Kingdom — Gun politics in the United Kingdom, much like gun politics in Australia, places its main considerations on how best to ensure public safety and how deaths involving firearms can most effectively be prevented. Unlike in the United States, there is …   Wikipedia

  • gun|shot — «GUHN SHOT», noun, adjective. –n. 1. shot fired from a gun: »We heard the hunter s gunshot as it whistled over our heads. 2. the shooting of a gun: »We heard gunshots. 3. the distance that a gun will shoot: »The deer was within gunshot. –adj.… …   Useful english dictionary

  • Gun politics in the United States — Gun politics in the United States, incorporating the political aspects of gun politics, and firearms rights, has long been among the most controversial and intractable issues in American politics.cite book author=Wilcox, Clyde; Bruce, John W.… …   Wikipedia

  • Gun fu — is the style of sophisticated close quarters gunplay seen in Hong Kong action cinema [cite book|title=The Cinema of Tsui Hark|url=|page=203|author=Lisa Morton|publisher=McFarland|isbn=0786409908|year=20… …   Wikipedia

  • Gun laying — is the process of aiming an artillery piece. The term is also applied to describe the process of aiming smaller calibre weapons by radar or computer control. The gun is typically rotated in a horizontal plane in order gain a line of sight to the… …   Wikipedia

  • Gun-type fission weapon — Gun type fission weapons are fission based nuclear weapons whose design assembles their fissile material into a supercritical mass by the use of the gun method: shooting one piece of sub critical material into another. Although this is sometimes… …   Wikipedia

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